Palms and rainforerst cover the scenic shores of Punta Banco. At low tide, the
sandy beaches invite for long walks, often in complete solitude. Tidepools in the
reef are a great choice for bathing or snorkeling. Different species of sea turtles
(Olive Ridley, Pacific greens and hawksbill) have their nesting grounds here in
Punta Banco and are protected through a conservation project. Sometimes
whales and their calves can be spotted from shore on their way into the Golfo
The gentle hills arising behind the beach offer great opportunities for horseback
riding. The trails pass through dense forests, follow little streams, and cross
open terrain offering scenic views towards the ocean or the Panamanian
border. In addition, a nearby Indian reservation can be visited by horse.
There are many more things to do in the area, e.g. surfing, fishing, or visiting
the OSA peninsula located on the other side of the Golfo Dulce. Our caretakers
will be happy to arrange for horses, tours or whatever else might be needed to
discover this beautiful area.
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