Casa Sueño Tropical is designed to accomodate up to four adults. It features
two bedrooms, a large kitchen with a bar, a bathroom, a storage room, and a
40x13 foot hardwood deck. All rooms have Mexican style ocre floors and rustic
furniture made from Cristobal hardwood. The house offers jungle and ocean
views from every room. Casa Sueño Tropical is surrounded by 2.5 acres of
tropical garden and untouched pristine rainforest.
The two bedrooms feature a queen size double-bed each. They have large
windows with adjustable wooden shutters and double doors to capture a
maximum of night breeze. Shelves made from Cristobal wood allow for enough
space to store personal belongings. Just raise your head slightly off the pillow
in the morning, and enjoy your first view of the ocean from your bed (picture to
the left).
The kitchen is equipped with a gas stove, refrigerator with freezer and a large
kitchen counter with two sinks. It also comes with a complete set of dishes and
lots of useful appliances like a blender, an espresso machine, etc. Preparing
dinner while watching the sun set over the ocean is an unforgettable
The precious hardwood deck features a dining corner, rocking chairs and
hammocks. It is also the perfect spot to take pictures with a tripod and zoom
lens (most pictures on this site are taken from the deck) or to go for a Yoga
The bathroom features a semi-open design, so you can watch the wildlife in the
trees while taking a shower. Even more spectacular views into the jungle are
provided by the garden shower behind the house.
Our friendly caretakers live on the neighboring property. They will be happy to
assist you in anything you might need, from getting supplies to organizing tours
or horseback riding.

Please note: Casa Sueño Tropical delivers an authentic tropical experience.
However this does not include some luxuries of the civilized world. Casa Sueño Tropical does not have a landline telephone, but most cell phones have reception. Internet services are provided in the nearby town of Pavones (10km). Warm water is not available, which none of our guests missed so far. The access to the house is restricted to 4x4 vehicles and might be not possible by car for a few hours following heavy rains.
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